Is an Emu the Wonderfully Unique Pet for You?

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Published: 24th October 2012
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Hatched from bright blue eggs that remind the observer of all things Easter, Emus are often thought of as exotic birds only seen on TV or, if you are lucky, on that interesting farm you happen to drive by once. However, Emus can make excellent pets for the right people! These large (about 5 to 6 feet tall!), flightless birds are beautifully distinctive animals. As you might have guessed based on their size, Emus do require ample space to live and grow, but this doesnít mean that you need to own a farm to enjoy all of the benefits of Emu ownership.

Emus are native to Australia, making their way to the United States in the early 1900s to join various zoo exhibits. Since then Emu farming has become increasingly popular throughout the United States, and some people have started keeping them as pets rather than for their economic value. They are the second largest birds in the world and have some of the strongest legs of any animal. These long, powerful legs allow the Emu to reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Their quickness should encourage you to make sure your fencing is secure because it sure would be hard to chase down an escaped Emu! However, they are not excellent jumpers, so a fence of just 4 feet should be more than adequate.

Emus, both wild and tame, are known for their inquisitive nature, making them all the more interesting and fun as pets. It is quite common for Emus to follow around animals and humans, and they are also drawn to shiny objects. But be sure to keep shiny objects out of their reach so they donít swallow them! Emus also can swim and will sometimes be found taking a quick dip to cool off. When handled properly from a young age, Emus tend to bond with their owners, seeking them out and relishing all the attention they receive. On average, Emus live 10 to 20 years, so not only will they bond with you, they will be a long-term companion to share experiences with over several decades.

Well suited to a variety of climates, Emus can thrive practically anywhere in the United States. However, in consistently cold temperatures, Emus do require an enclosed space they can retreat into as needed. Emus are generally quite hardy and healthy, so owners donít need to worry about frequent veterinarian visits or administering medicine often. That said, before purchasing an Emu it is always a good idea to find a local veterinarian who is willing and able to treat your Emu in the unlikely event that it does become ill. In addition to not having to worry about recurrent medical issues, Emu owners enjoy the low cost of feeding their pets. Emus will forage for vegetation, seeds, insects, and even small lizards. They will also gobble up any scrapes you give them. If you do choose to feed them Emu feed, you still arenít looking at a large investment.

It is important to note that while Emus are fun, interesting, inexpensive to raise, and certainly very unique, it does require some thought before bringing them home. Emus need space to grow and roam (remember yours will eventually be 5-6 feet tall), so you should make arrangements to have an enclosed area set up before their arrival. Also, Emus have sharp claws on their feet so they should always be handled with care. Emus can be tamed and should come to enjoy their ownerís presence and attention, but they need to be handled gently, and often, when they are as young as possible. As docile and affectionate as many Emus become, it bears repeating that owners can never forget that their birds have sharp claws that could harm them if the bird becomes frightened and starts kicking.

As when purchasing any pets, it is important to work with an educated, reputable breeder to ensure you are being sold healthy, well-adjusted birds. Amber Waves provides its customers with high-quality Emus as well as Lifetime Support, so you will never really be alone on your journey into Emu ownership! Contact Amber Waves for more Emu information today.

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